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CME is a system of postgraduate education that provides continuous improvement of knowledge, skills, and expertise throughout the professional life of a physician, as well as continuous professional development and expansion of professional competencies.

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The main principles of CME:

  • continuity of training (during the whole calendar year, in separate cycles or courses, at training events and independently using distance education technologies and e-learning) throughout the professional life of the physician;

  • the use of distance education technologies (DL) and e-learning in teaching, taking into account the best practices in world educational practice;

  • shaping the curricula taking into account the most urgent problems of practical health care of the regions of the Russian Federation;

  • network interaction of organizations of higher professional education and medical professional non-profit public organizations to consolidate efforts and popularize the best educational practices.

The system of training in the framework of CME includes:

  • Training by the curricula of continuing professional education of educational institutions:

    • full-time training (practical classes, lectures, seminars, and discussions, etc.) with a final examination;

    • independent training using DL (Internet sessions, webinars, e-learning modules, etc.) with a final control testing.

  • Training at events and using training materials of medical professional non-profit organizations:

    • full-time training (conferences, seminars, master classes, clinical analysis, etc.) with a final control testing;

    • independent training using DL (Internet sessions, webinars, e-learning modules, etc.) with a final control testing.

CME is intended to gradually replace the system of rotational advanced training of doctors. The system of continuing medical education is distinguished, first of all, by its relevance (compliance with the educational needs of the current situation and demand of medical specialists), continuity, use of innovative technologies (remote, electronic and simulation technologies provide accessibility and convenience of acquiring new knowledge and skills).


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