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The Eurasian Association of Therapists is an independent association that presents the opportunity to exchange views and share experience for participants in the Eurasian medical community.

The mission of the association is creating international medical, research and educational projects among the countries of Europe, Asia, and the CIS.

One of the main tasks of the association is to spread the latest achievements in the field of internal medicine by providing access to foreign medical routines and knowledge.

The Association considers it important to raise the pressing issues of today:

- The need for studies conducted on the scale of the whole continent in the context of growing population migration.

- Providing medical assistance in different climatic zones of Eurasia from the extreme north to the south.

- Study of genetic predispositions in the context of growing population migration.

- Study of the adaptive mechanisms of the organism under constant migration over latitudes and time zones.

- The problem of antibacterial resistance, threatening a complete loss of antibiotic efficacy within 20-30 years.

To solve the tasks set, the Association conducts educational activities in the framework of continuing medical education and involves leading experts in its field:

- Conducting videoconferences in a uniform medical environment.

- Implementation of unified educational modules including the most advanced medical knowledge.

- Holding conferences for sharing the experience with participants from a majority of Eurasian countries.

The Association is an open structure ready for dialogue and cooperation with professional associations to implement projects for the improvement of the knowledge of physicians and the quality of medical services.


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